Welcome to DaViTpy’s documentation

DaViTpy is the SuperDARN Data Visualization Toolkit in Python. This documentation is as thorough as we could make it, but if you are still looking for more information, consider visiting the following sites.


  • pydarn : SuperDARN data analysis and visualization. Includes radar data access, radar information and fields-of-view, and standard plotting tools.
  • gme : Geomagnetic Environement module. Includes access to other space science data-sets (POES, OMNI, TEC, ...).
  • models : Useful models. Incudes empirical models (IRI, MSIS, HWM, ...), coordinate systems (AACGM, MLT), and ray-tracing. Note that most of these routines are in C and Fortran, and do not get auto-documented. To see documentation and example of their use, see examples.
  • utils : Useful formatting and plotting tools, as well as a solar position calculator.
  • examples : Some examples of how to use DaViTpy (IPython notebooks).


This project is hosted on github, and we sincerely invite your to contribute!

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Install instructions can be found on the github page or in README.md.


We will announce stable releases once or twice a year, with instructions on how to get them. However, should you want to, you can get the development version by following these instructions:

# Check if you have any modified files
git status
# Pull updates
git pull origin master

If you have any modified filed that you would like to keep, stage or commit your changes before pulling (see the git manual for help).